The following groups are eligible for the Helen Knows Best Program. Approval remains at our discretion based on the applicant’s professional standing, job type, and core values.


Please provide current guide accreditation.

Mountain Guides:

  • ACMG/AMGA/IFMGA – must be certified as a guide, apprentice guide, or instructor

Other Guides

  • Valid guiding license or certification if applicable
  • Recent paystub from reputable guide service or other documentation proving employment as a guide


Accepted credentials:

  • PSIA/CSIA Level I or higher
  • NSP/CSP member card
  • Search and Rescue

Accepted credentials:

  • NASAR membership
  • Local Search and Rescue ID


Please apply with company-issued email for faster approval and upload most recent paystub if prompted. Reciprocal deals for OUR employees are appreciated.

The following groups may qualify:

  • Active members of the Outdoor Industry Association or Snowsports Industries of America
  • Outdoor education/leadership program instructors
  • Climbing gym staff
  • Outdoor gear shop staff/outfitters


Paid employees of organizations that focus on conservation or environmental sustainability. Volunteers do not qualify. Please apply using an official email address issued by the organization and provide most recent paystub if prompted.


Active, Reserves, Guard Members, Retirees, and Veterans. 

Accepted forms of credentials: Recent paystub or Leave and Earnings Statement


Local, state, and federal government professionals in the following categories:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Land Management
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Fire
  • Law Enforcement
  • Paramedics/EMT

Please provide valid ID and most recent paystub.


  • Environmental consultants
  • Private engineering firms


Please remember to adhere to some of our basic Pro membership rules:

  • This program is for individual use only. You will be removed from the program if you purchase product for friends or family or if you share discount information with anyone else.
  • This program and your involvement should be kept private. Please do not discuss this program or pricing in public or with HKB dealers.
  • You MUST stay opted in to the email newsletter in order to stay a part of the Pro Program. If you unsubscribe from emails, your membership will be revoked.
  • All Pro orders must be processed through your online account. Your discount does not apply to purchases made through retail stores.
  • Eligibility for the Pro Program is subject to review after each year of participation or any time therein.


How do I apply for your Pro Program?

You can fill out the online application by visiting If your position requires certifications or other documents, please upload those with your application. Once you have filled out and submitted the application, please allow 3-5 business days for the approval process.

I applied, but never received a verification email. What should I do?

Sometimes people have issues with firewalls or certain browsers and devices. We recommend using Google Chrome on a laptop or PC when submitting the application. If you continue to have issues, please then email a copy of your credentials to for review.

**Military Members – please submit your application with a civilian email address and provide a military ID or LES to avoid issues with firewalls and blocked links.

What documents do I need to supply with my Pro Program application?

If your position requires specific certifications, please upload copies of them with your application. We will accept a paystub or similar proof of work as a substitute. Please blackout any sensitive information, like salary or social security number before the documentation is sent over. If you are not applying with a company email address please attach a document or certification to speed up the application review process. (Electronic forms accepted: pdf, jpg, and gif…if your application requires more than one document for approval, please either condense all docs into one file before uploading or make sure to simultaneously select all files, up to 3, after your click the “Choose Files” button.)

Can I return or exchange items that were purchased through my Pro deal?

Pro customers can return items pursuant to our normal return policy. For more information please visit:

Can I purchase a gift for someone else using my Pro account?

No. The Helen Knows Best Pro Program is designed for you and your personal use only. We occasionally offer friends and family promotions where Pros can share their benefits, but purchasing for others is not allowed and will result in your removal from the program.

How long do Pro orders take to ship? Is it possible to expedite the shipping process?

Pro orders typically take about 7-10 business days to process prior to shipping out of our warehouse. Once the order has been processed and shipped, travel time within the United States takes between 2-6 business days for delivery, barring any transportation errors with the shipper. We do offer 2-day and 3-day expedited shipping methods, but it will still take between 7-10 days to process your order before it ships out from our warehouse. We do not accept expedite requests for faster shipping options after an order has been placed or accept requests for expedited order processing in our warehouse. *Orders may take 10-14 business days to process during holidays or sale periods.

For more information about our shipping policies, please visit:

Does my Pro Program account expire?

Pro accounts are set up for a year-long term and will need to be renewed each year. When it is coming time to renew, you will receive an email from us letting you know that your account is about to expire, followed by renewal instructions. If your account is expired, or expiring soon, please reapply here: 

Can I apply for the Pro Program if I work internationally?

Currently, our Pro Program is only open to residents in the United States and Canada. You can still apply if you have a forwarding address in the US or Canada. We do not accept international payment at this time.

I’m in the military and am stationed outside the United States. Does HKB ship to APO addresses?

For United States military members stationed abroad, we do ship to APO addresses from our US warehouse. When you apply for the Pro Program you must include a US, non-APO address.

Does free shipping apply to Pro orders or returns?

No, free shipping  only applies to general consumers. Pros must pay the cost of regular shipping as well as return shipping.

Do you offer a warranty on items purchased through the Pro Program?

Yes, our standard warranty applies to products purchased through the Pro Program. Learn more about our warranty at:


Pro customers are expected to be respectful of HKB employees, especially customer service and retail store staff. Disputing warranty outcomes, disregarding employee issued directives, or being disrespectful in any sense is a violation of pro program rules and will result in revoking of Pro privileges.

Common questions


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Returns & Exchanges

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