Welcome to my first Helen Knows Best blog post. The focus of my posts will be to talk about quality skin care, for a lifetime. With Helen Knows Best products there are no empty promises…with consistent use, my products offer real results. Today I will be talking about the challenges of good skin care.

As we all know, life has many challenges.  One of my biggest challenges came when I moved from Illinois to Utah.  To say the least, starting over and rebuilding a clientele is not easy, however, with hard work, quality treatments, sincerely caring about my new clients and persistence I achieved success. As I began to get referrals from my new clients my client base grew. So, this success brought me one of my biggest skin care challenges of a client.

I was working in Park City when a new client was on my schedule for a facial.  What I came to find was that even though he had been having facials for more than 20 years, he had extremely damaged skin.  Even more, he had endured very strong chemical peels and other treatments along with his facials.  Even so, he still had very damaged skin.  After his second treatment with me, I concluded he needed something that would strengthen his skin and reinforce it so that it could actually begin to regenerate and ultimately heal. The problem, there was nothing on the market that offered the results I was looking for so I started mixing healing ingredients that I knew would help his skin. And so, my EWFB was born. This is how HKB began. Today this client’s skin continues to improve even at a time in his life when good results are no longer expected.  This is my greatest satisfaction.

Let’s talk about skin and its challenges.  At every age we are faced with skin challenges; the hormonal changes of our youth can cause breakouts on our chin, nose and forehead and sometimes become quite severe.  Adult onset acne can plague us in our late 20’s and 30’s.  Then, menopausal changes can plague us at a time in our lives when we think that all of those issues should be behind us. Many of these problems are caused by stress, diet, lack of sleep to name a few.  How do we get a grip on all of this?

Teens are faced with diet choices that may not always be the best for them, or any of us for that matter. How do they not have soda with their pizza? How do you say no to all those birthday parties with goodies that are too good to pass up or stopping to pick up fast food when coming home late from some sports practice or game?

Teen girls, especially, become interested in makeup and like to use it.  It’s fun and exciting as a whole new world of colors and textures opens up for them. Then, there are images of extremely young models advertising anti-aging creams feed their desire to use moisturizer.  Often teens use moisturizer because they are told by TV and magazine ads that they need it.  Believe me they do not need it.  Let me say that again, teens do not need moisturizer because their skin already produces adequate amounts of natural oils. In fact, moisturizer use may even lead to additional breakouts.  Once they stop using the moisturizer the breakouts diminish.

Let’s start with a good skin care regimen.  Good skin care starts with a good diet.  When you are able to make dinner at home, adding vegetables to each meal and getting the kids involved is a good place to start.  Eliminating high salt and sugar snacks is beneficial to everyone in the family.  If you don’t buy them, they can’t tempt the kids or you.  Find a better replacement.  Fresh fruit, frozen fruit bars etc. are not only delicious but a healthier choice. In time, these small changes will help bring results.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to eliminate junk food from the diet.  There is substantial evidence that sugar causes inflammation in our bodies which in turn causes all kinds of havoc with our overall health.

Next, cleansing with an appropriate cleanser every night is key. If you have acne severe or mild, my Refining Cleanser is ideal.  Wet your face with water, dispense just one pump of the cleanser into your hand, apply to face and work in circular motion making sure to clean well around the hair line, under the chin, behind the ears and even the back of your neck.  Leave the Refining Cleanser on for a minute to allow the Tea Tree essential oils to break down the sebum (oil) clogging the pores, clearing up the bacteria that builds up in pustules and blackheads. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Follow with my Lemon and Passion-flower Hydrating Toner by wetting a cotton round and wiping your entire face, throat, neck and behind the ears.  The Lemon and Passion-flower toner helps to further clear up pores by balancing the pH of the skin. In addition, it actually hydrates, moisturizes and heals the skin without clogging the pores.

Using the Tea Tree Perfecting Masque at least one a week (twice is ideal for best results) helps to reduce breakouts, skin redness and irritation.  It may seem like a lot to ask of a 12 or 13 year old boy but it is very important.  My Masque helps balance the skins moisture level without stripping the skin, therefore, balancing the pH of the skin.

Using a very small amount of my Face Balm at night will help heal lesions, dryness (yes acne skin can be dry, due to dehydration) redness and irritation.  Wetting your fingertips with water and running them across your face helps the Balm penetrate more quickly.

Finally, in the morning it is sufficient to rinse one’s face with warm water and then follow with a hydrating toner.

Following these simple steps will help you achieve success with healthy, clear skin.  Remember that there will be flare ups, this is part of the normal cycle of hormones, stress and life.

Additional tips:  No time to do a mask, too busy, too tired, I understand.  Do your facial masque in the morning.  Upon arising rinse your face at the bathroom sink with warm water apply the masque, leave on for at least 15 minutes while you do your other morning routines.  Hop in the shower and rinse off your masque.

Another zit has popped up again, utilize a spot treatment by dotting it with a bit of Masque before going to bed and leaving it on overnight.  This will help reduce inflammation. Continue the spot treatment method until it calms down.

In the next blog I will talk about adult onset acne.

If you have a question for Helen, don’t hestiate to ask her directly through our Contact page.