You are out of your teens and in your 20’s, maybe heading into your 30’s, and still breaking out!  Perhaps you are still in college or on your own, either looking for a job or in the work force.  It doesn’t matter which station of life you’re in, all of it causes stress…one of the biggest causes of illness, fatigue and guess what, yes, acne.

Let’s look at your lifestyle habits.  Perhaps you’re staying up late, studying or cramming for exams. If you’re working, you now have a great deal of responsibility. Staying out late with friends, drinking too much alcohol, burning the candle at both ends.  How is your diet?  Are you following a good skin care routine?  Have you dropped into bed without washing your face? Are you just washing your face with water in the shower? Not using a good facial cleanser?  Are you using soap on your face?  Are you married, have children to take care of…the list goes on and on.
When the sebaceous gland produces excess sebum(oil) the pores can become blocked and eventually the natural process of the body works to try and clear out the foreign matter.  This is why pustules form.  Please don’t confuse a whitehead(milia) with a pustule, they are completely different.  Soap can cause drying and clogging of pores and clogged pores are the main reason we get acne.

If your acne is inflamed you may need to adjust your diet, avoid the sun and drink more water.  Sugar, fast food, alcohol and the sun can cause inflammation.  Drinking plenty of water is a given but many of us think we drink enough yet fall short every day. The Mayo Clinic is a great resource and suggests, at a minimum, women should drink 2.2 liters per day and men should drink 3 liters per day.  Avoid fast food and add more colorful foods to your diet.  Broccoli, spinach, beets, carrots, kale, varied lettuces, peppers etc. If you’re not crazy about veggies make a smoothie.  Add your favorite fruit to some of the vegetables I’ve mentioned and drink your antioxidants as these help our overall health and skin of course.  Another way to help clear your skin, Adding probiotics daily will help get your gut healthy…I will talk more about probiotics later.

If you are still breaking out, using my Refining Cleanser is your best bet for help in clearing your breakouts, not to mention revitalizing the overall texture of your skin.  Follow with either my Lemon and Passionflower Toner or my Aloe Peppermint Toner to help calm, hydrate and tone the skin. Using my Tea Tree Perfecting Masque twice a week is a great idea. This masque will not dry or irritate your skin and the tea tree essential oils help to soften and dissolve the debris clogging your pores which, again, is the main cause of breakouts.  In addition to helping clear out clogged pores, the masque will hydrate and balance your skin’s pH, help to remove pore clogging dead skin cells.  My clients have described my Tea Tree Perfecting Masque as luxurious, fabulous, cooling, silky and soothing.  Remember using it as a spot treatment overnight is a great way to calm and clear specific breakouts.

By being consistent with your skin care routine, I know that you can achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

Best regards,

PS: please use my Sunscreen – SPF30 daily…statistics show that in America a person is diagnosed with melanoma every 7 minutes. Frightening!