Skincare Tips for the Summer Season: Hello Glow picks HKB’s Refining Cleanser in it’s 11 Must Have Products to Matify Skin.

Let’s get back to cleansing our skin:

Summer season skincare can be tough. If you have oily skin, severe or mild, it is important to wash nightly. HKB’s Refining Cleanser is ideal.  Wet your face with water, dispense just one pump of the cleanser into your hand, apply to face and work in circular motion making sure to clean well around the hair line, under the chin, behind the ears and even the back of your neck.  Leaving my Refining Cleanser on for a minute or so allows the AHA exfoliants and Tea Tree essential oils to break down the oxidized sebum(oil) clogging the pores, clearing up the bacteria that builds up in pustules and blackheads resulting in a deep, gentle clean. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Follow with HKB’s Lemon and Passion-Flower Hydrating Toner by wetting a cotton round and wiping your entire face, throat, neck and behind the ears.  My Lemon and Passion-Flower Hydrating Toner helps to further clear up pores by balancing the pH of the skin. In addition, it hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.

Sun protection is a summer skincare must.  Before applying makeup, always make sure to finish with a broad-spectrum, minimum SPF30 sunscreen. My Extreme Weather Sunscreen – SPF30 provides the protection you need as well as moisturizing in a non-greasy, anti-aging formula.

Using the Tea Tree Perfecting Masque twice a week (ideal for better results) helps to reduce breakouts, skin redness and irritation.  It helps balance the skins moisture level without stripping the skin therefore balancing the pH of the skin.

Moisturizing during the summer is a must in creating a health skincare regime.  Using a very small amount of HKB’s Extreme Weather Face Balm at night will help heal lesions, dryness (yes acne skin can be dry, due to dehydration) redness and irritation.  Wetting your finger-tips with water and running them across your face helps the Balm penetrate more quickly.

Following these simple steps will help you achieve success with healthy, clear skin.  Remember that there will be flare ups, this is part of the cycle of hormones, stress and dealing with life.

Additional tips:

  • No time to do a mask, too busy, too tired, I understand.  Do your facial masque in the morning.  Upon arising rinse your face with warm water apply my masque, leave on for at least 15 minutes while you complete your morning routine.  Hop in the shower and rinse off your masque while you shower.
  • Another zit has popped up again, dot it with a bit of my masque before going to bed and leave on overnight.  This should help reduce inflammation. Continue to do this until it calms down.

I hope that you will find these tips helpful in achieving great skin.

Best Regards,